In Poland with Magda

[WEB BANQUET] Beautiful food and rituals for luck and prosperity

The Xmas table with (front to back):– « Chalka » braided sweet bread
– « Makowiec » sweet roll with poppy seeds, nuts and raisins filling
– « Pieczki » sweet fruit drink made of cooked dried fruits and spices
– « Pierniczki » are simply gingerbreads
– Honey + nuts
There are also white squares at every plate called « oplatek ». It is a very thin wafer made of flour, before the dinner we give wishes to everyone and share a bit of the wafer. Under the table cloth there is some dried grass in the middle to symbolize the birth of Jesus in poverty. Under each plate we put money overnight, for luck and prosperity:)



If you can pronounce the name you get to taste it! « Barszcz » beetroot soup with « uszka » small pierogi stuffed with mushrooms